Bohol is known for its Chocolate Hills and the home of tarsier, one of the smallest primates in the world. For these reasons alone, a lot of people are already enticed to visit the province. Located in the Visayas group of islands in the Philippines, Bohol is a wonder waiting to be uncovered.

Aside from the Chocolate Hills, Bohol also has a lot to offer. This includes the Panglao Island with its pristine beaches. It is ideal for snorkeling, dolphin watching and boating. Hiagdanan Cave is also another wonderful feature. It looks perfect in photographs. You may also swim if you wish in certain parts of the cave. Nalusuan is another place for whale spotting and scuba diving.

In short, there are a lot of great places for you to visit while you are in Bohol. A few days or so won’t be enough to discover the hidden gems of the province. Therefore, you need to rent a van to easily move around the city. The good thing when you have a van is that you can easily hop from one place to another and not wait for public transportation to arrive. At times, public transportation options would take a really long time before it shows up. Worse, in some areas that are remote, no public transportation is available.

The benefits

Having a van lets you see every place that you have listed in your itinerary. You can go for Bohol van rental with driver so that you won’t have to drive around yourself. You can make the most out of your stay and not worry about getting physically exhausted with all the activities available.

Some places are quite far apart. You can sleep along the way since you are comfortably seated in a van. Since you have an experienced driver who knows the local area well, you can have the assurance that you won’t get lost. The driver can also help find a way to arrive at the destination at the soonest possible time. These drivers were also trained to speak English. Therefore, communication won’t be an issue. Besides, given the fact that the Philippines is one of the best non-native English speakers around the world, you can simply ask questions from the locals.

Make reservations now

Bohol is a popular destination and is even more popular during summer when it is a school break in the Philippines. Arrange your trip now while you still have time. Start with the van rental. Ask for a quotation and finalize your reservation. You should also check the availability of hotels and other facilities you wish to have upon arrival.

Once you have arrived at the city’s airport, your van is already outside waiting for you. Hop in the van and have a good rest. Before you know it, you have arrived at your hotel. Just take a few hours of rest and tell your driver to bring you to your first stop. Find more information about van rental in the Philippines via Limoscanner.