Even among Filipinos, the Banaue Rice Terraces is a must-visit place. It is a natural wonder that you definitely want to see. The only problem is that it is several hours away from the capital. It is quite remote and difficult to access if you are using public transportation.

The good thing is that if you rent a vehicle with driver, you can have the Banaue Sagada tour with ease and comfort.

You don’t need to waste time

When you choose a vehicle to rent. Your driver will be waiting for you once you have arrived at the airport in Manila. It will go straight to your destination. You just have to hop inside and have a good rest. Getting a cab from the airport to the nearest bus station would take a really long time. Buses also don’t go as scheduled. Others have to wait until the bus is full before moving. This is true especially for far destinations. It is also possible for you to cut the trips and move to several buses across different stations moving up.

The worst part is that upon arrival, you won’t have local transportation to take you to the places you wish to visit. For instance, the Banaue Rice Terraces is just 4-5 kilometers from the town center. However, without local transportation to take you there, it would be a huge problem. Even looking for the place where you are staying in the first place is already a challenge.

Focus on the trip and discovering places

Once you are done with the Rice Terraces, you can go to local souvenir shops nearby and by something to take home. You can immediately watch local Ifugao dancers while performing their traditional dances. They use local gongs and other musical instruments. You might even dance with them while you are there. This allows you to embrace the local culture even more.

You can also visit the Banaue Museum for a collection of artifacts and other majestic collections, showcasing the rich history of the place. The Tappiya Falls would also be an awesome site to visit. You can reach it only via a one-hour trek from the Batad Village. It is far, but it is worth seeing. You need a tour guide though for safety reasons.

There are many other places to visit around Banaue, and in Sagada in particular. You won’t have problems moving around or determining where you want to go. Just book a vehicle like the Toyota Vios Sedan if you are traveling alone or the Toyota Avanza if you are traveling as a group.

It is worth the effort

Going to Banaue is a huge challenge considering what you have to go through to get there. Once you are done and you are back after the trip, you will feel fulfilled. It is such an amazing experience. Book a vehicle now via Limoscanner and your transportation is already assured.