Getting to Sagada alone is already a challenge. The province has no airport. The closest is the Clark International Airport. Heading to Sagada by bus would take you several hours. There is a bus leaving Angeles to Baguio City and from there, you have to take another bus to Sagada. Before reaching the location, you might already be extremely tired. You don’t have to go through this long and difficult process just to see the beauty of Sagada.

You can make it easier by hiring a tour van. This picks you up wherever you are from and brings you to the best locations in Sagada. Whether you are arriving via Clark or Manila, the van can take you all the way to Sagada. There is no need to wait for bus that leaves every 30 minutes or so. You also don’t have to worry about your luggage. As soon as you arrive, you can hop on the van and take a rest.

With a private van, you can even stop by some areas just to take photos. You can’t do so when you are in a bus along with other passengers. Considering how lovely the sceneries are, you would really want to just stop by and take a selfie.

Things to do in Sagada

While you’re there, you might want to go to the Sumaguing cave for a fun caving activity. It takes time to get there. It is also quite huge so it would take you a few hours. Again, while you are in the van, you can just take a rest.

You can head to the Orange Orchard and Rock-Inn Farm if you want to see locally produced fruits and products. However, they are available depending on season so you won’t really see anything there during off seasons. You can then head to the Bamod-ok Falls for taking pictures and for trekking. The infamous hanging coffins are located at the Echo Valley. You don’t want to miss the chance of seeing them.

One of the most serene moments when you are there is the sunrise viewing. You have to wake up early just to see it as you need to head to Kiltepan. Before you head home, you should go to Strawberry Farm to taste homegrown berries and also buy some souvenirs.

Moving around can be easy

There are a lot of wonderful things you can do when you are in Sagada. This is why a lot of people desire to see it no matter how far it is or how long it takes to get there. The problem when you are not in a tour van is that there are no local transportations you can easily pick up. The places are also far apart. It helps if you can just take the Sagada tour van, relax and appreciate the places you visit. Check Limoscanner now for more information. This is definitely a trip you will never forget.