There are a lot of amazing places in the Philippines for you to visit. You can even head to provinces outside the Metro and see a lot of stunning tourist destinations. The only problem is that public transportation is a huge challenge. Leaving the airport alone is already an issue considering that you have to queue up just to take a cab. Add to that the fact that it can traffic is really bad when you are in the country’s capital.

The best option is to just rent a car with a driver just like the services offered by Limoscanner. Choose the type of vehicle that you want for the trip based on the number of people going with you and book the dates. Whether you just want airport transfer service or you want to visit different places in a private vehicle, the choice is yours. This Toyota Hi-Ace Commuter 2016 is a perfect option if there are a lot of you on the said trip and you want to feel comfortable.

A lot of benefits

When you have a driver, you won’t have to worry about getting lost. If it is your first time to be in the country, it can be a challenge. Although you can seek help from locals to locate certain places, it is such a waste of time. You would rather have a driver who knows the way around. Upon reservation, indicate the places that you want to visit so the route can be mapped out in advance.

As one of the best non-native English speaking countries around the world, expect the drivers to converse with you well in English. Therefore, you won’t have a hard time talking to him throughout the trip. The driver also knows the best roads to take to avoid traffic and reach your destination faster. All drivers are also required to undergo training and have license to ensure safety of the passengers.

Sit back and relax

As soon as you have arrived at the airport, just step in the vehicle and relax. You can take a nap after a long flight and not worry about your destination. Your driver was already informed. Once you wake up, you have already arrived.

When it comes to the total amount that you are paying, you might think that you are spending more. The truth is that you are actually saving more money. The amount that you will pay includes the vehicle rental and payment for the driver. The excess amount for gas will be paid, but only if you have reached a certain distance.

If you take the public transportation option, you might say money but including the time you have wasted and the missed opportunity, you would rather take this private vehicle rental. You also won’t worry about your luggage. You can even drop by certain locations just to dine or take photos. Find the vehicle that you want now and reserve the specific dates when you are heading to the country and you are good to go. Hopefully, this becomes a totally remarkable trip.