Renting a car to drive yourself around in a big city could be very challenging. In addition to the absence of familiarity with the road, the sheer number of vehicles you will encounter could add up to the difficulty of driving around in an unfamiliar territory. Driving around Cebu is no different. The city is the second most populous metropolis in the Philippines. There are plenty of car rental companies in the city that will let you rent a car without an accompanying driver. 

Renting a self-drive car rental in Cebu is a lot better than using public transport or calling a taxi. As in many populous metropolises, getting a ride during rush hours is almost an impossible task. You will be in a better position if somebody else was driving the rental car than being at the mercy of the taxi drivers who feel a sudden surge of self-importance during rush hours. It is also a lot safer being driven around with no difficulty even in unfamiliar areas.

The following tips will guide you in hiring a rental car in Cebu:

  • Window shop for car rental companies in Cebu – There are plenty of car rental companies in the city. It is always a good idea to compare prices and services offered by the different companies. Car rentals today have their online presence so it will be easy and convenient for you to do your window-shopping at the comfort of your home.
  • Book early – Do not wait until the last minute before you book your rental car. If you are late, you might end up with the leftover cars that may not be appealing to you. The early bookers get the best quality cars. You can also choose the type of car that you want to be used when you arrive.
  • Check the condition of the car – The rental will have its own driver. When you rent a car, the company will expect it returned in the same condition when it left the garage. Make sure you thoroughly inspect the car and ask the person in charge to take note of the dents and scratches that are already there. This will eliminate problems when you return the car.
  • Check the fine print – It is the practice of some car rental companies all over the world the hide extra charges in the fine prints of the agreement. They also charge you mileage for certain distances covered. You have to clarify everything before you sign your name on the dotted line.
  • Find out the driving restrictions and return policy – While window-shopping for your car or van rental in Cebu, find out the company’s requirements and restrictions. Finding these will eliminate any problems later. You also need to clarify the company’s return policy. Know if you have to return the car right at what time, and where you can brought by the driver.

chauffeur driven rental car in Cebu will make your stay in the city a lot more convenient. Keep it that way by avoiding or eliminating any problems that might arise later.