Baguio is the called the summer capital of the Philippines. It was a built by the Americans during the early part of the 20th century as a rest and recreation site for the American occupation government. Summer in the Philippines is from March to May, and the whole government transplants to Baguio to escape the heat of Manila.

Today, the American influence is still strong in the city. It has pine trees, parks and buildings based on the original city plans. It is a bustling city where the roads roll in the natural hilly terrain. If you plan to visit Baguio, it is best to visit it during the local tourist season from March to May, or during the off-peak season of November to January.


It is easy to get around Baguio. You can ride the public utility vehicles called jeeps, or the taxi. However the jeeps have fixed routes, and you would have to walk to some of the interesting sites. On the other hand, the taxis might not be there when you need them. The best solution is to hire your own vehicle. Van rental in Baguio is like any other van rental in the Philippines. The van is clean, the driver is fluent in English, and he is knowledgeable about the places you want to visit. They may not be adept tourist guides, but you won’t get lost, and they can also haggle for you when you buy something.

Chauffeur driven cars are also available for hire. This works out better if you are alone, or with only another person with you. You should choose the car according to how tall you are. Most cars are compact and if you are taller than average, the ride might not be comfortable with your knee banging the front seat.

With a driver, you can go almost anywhere within a day of Baguio. That includes the strawberry fields of the Mountain Province, or even to the beaches of nearby La Union and Pangasinan. The drivers are skilled at handling the climb via the zigzag routes going to the city. The rental car comes with a driver who is usually a local, and he can help you in talking with locals. This may not be necessary in most cases, as most Filipinos speak good English.

Hiring a rental car is relatively easy in the Philippines. You can browse through the selections at The website has a lot of partners in the Philippines, and these are all sorted according to their location. If you are in Manila, you can ride a bus from Manila to Baguio, and enjoy the trip. Alternatively, you can hire a van or car going to Baguio, and you have the vehicle at your disposal for the whole trip. A ride on a rental car from Manila to Baguio can be at a leisurely pace, to allow you to see more of the country. Newly opened highways are almost at the foothills of the Mountain Province, making a 24-hour day trip possible.