Davao is one of the most amazing cities in the Philippines. Located all the way south of the country, it can be accessed from Manila via a domestic flight. In as much as you want to jump to see the attractions right away, you might already feel tired upon arrival. It is in your best interest to rent a van.

As soon as you arrive at the Francisco Bangoy International Airport, your van is already waiting outside for you. Even if you are traveling as a group and you have lots of luggage, it won’t be a problem.

Since the airport is quite far from the city center, you will still have enough time to sleep before reaching your destination. You can sleep comfortably in a van as it can accommodation at least 10 people at once. You should also understand that there is no train or even private bus access from the airport to the city. You can ask for a car to pick you up or get a taxi outside. However, given the number of people leaving the airport, getting a taxi could be a challenge.

Going around Davao

There are a lot of stunning sites when you are in Davao. Just give yourself some time to relax before you jump to these destinations. Start with the Pearl Farm Beach Resort. It is one of the most premier tourist attractions in the city. Located in the quiet islands of Malipano and Samal, this world-renowned beach is the best getaway if you want a private place where you can just relax and have a blissful moment away from everything else. The tranquility makes you enjoy the place even more along with its sumptuous dishes.

You should also head to People’s Park. It is quite crowded especially at night, but it is a way for you to interact with the locals. You can find life-sized Philippine Eagle structures, the country’s national animal. There are also some performances from local tribes available at some nights. If you don’t want a noisy park, you can head to Eden Eco Park. This mountain resort has a vast canopy of pine trees. You can relax and recharge while you are there as the places is romantic and soothing. If you want a challenge, head to the Davao Crocodile Park. Cultured crocodiles can be found all over. Other varieties of animals are also found. If you dare, take a look at the crocodile show where some artists perform with crocodiles some of the most stunning stunts.

Zipline is also available in Davao. It offers the fastest and longest zipline in the Asian region. You can also try water rafting, trailing and camping. For outdoor adventure lovers, Davao is a perfect destination for you. The perfect balance of city life and nature is what makes Davao a popular place to visit.

Head to these different locations comfortably using a van. Moving from one place to another could be difficult and getting transportation especially in remote places might be close to impossible. With van rental Davao via Limoscanner, things will be easier for you.