Renting a van is the way to go if you want to go around Manila or any other city in the Philippines. It doesn’t matter how many passengers there are, but riding a van is synonymous to comfort. Considering the traffic that you’ll encounter in Metro Manila, renting a van guarantees you of additional space, great leg room and you can even sleep comfortably if you like during traffic or for long travel.

There are many available options in renting vans. You can either choose to drive, but then again, the best solution is to rent a chauffeured car service since the traffic is bad any time of the day anywhere. Depending on the type of van you’d be renting, it can go from US$46 up to US$160 for the first 8 hours, this is based on the year and model of the vehicle for chauffeured rides. In excess of 8 hours will incur additional cost which could be from US$4 to US$50.

Unlike rentals in other countries, tips for the driver aren’t usually included in the charges when you rent a van or any car in the Philippines. Charges include only the van or car and the driver. Fuel, toll fees, parking and other miscellaneous charges are to be shouldered by the renter and is separate from the hourly rates being charged. Also keep in mind that the driver’s food is also not included in the rates quoted so if you would be renting a van, include the driver’s food in your budget. If you plan to travel to the province or out of town, and if you would be getting a van for a few days, keep in mind that the driver should be included in the accommodations as well.

Since tips are not included in the charges, it is mandatory that you tip the driver of the van in addition to food and lodging provided if applicable. There are no required percentages for tips but do keep in mind that tips should somehow be substantial. Tips can range from US$2 to US100 depending on the duration of the service. For airport transfers, you can tip the driver US$2 to US$5 since it is a short trip. Be reminded that drivers work in the service industry and tips are commonly provided to them.

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