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What are Car Rental Scams and How to Avoid It

Going around the city or in the province is made easier if you have your own car. But due to the rent- a -car scams that are highly prevalent in the Philippines, you need to make sure you do business with a reliable car rental dealer.


Where to Find Car Rentals in the Philippines with driver

Going around the Philippines can be made a lot easier by renting a car. You can choose between renting a car and driving it on your own or better go for a chauffeured ride so you can just enjoy and relax the entire trip.


Top 6 Tips to Remember When Booking a Limo in the Philippines

With Limoscanner, you can relax with chauffeured rides and have the convenience of renting in most of the key cities all over the country.


Why Should You Hire a Van for a Sagada Tour

The Sagada is more than just a remote town at the top of the mountains. If you are going in a group, it would be more practical to hire a van all the way from Manila to Sagada.


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