ILOCOS 3 days 2 nights TOUR PACKAGE

ILOCOS 3 days 2 nights TOUR PACKAGE

Ilocos is among the best of Philippine tourist destinations. This island province is filled with a lot of historical and natural scenery that are known all over the world for its unique wonders. Aside from it being the birthplace of a popular Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, Ilocos still has a lot to offer. Go on a tour of Ilocos so you can experience the rural life that provides you the temporary escape from the urban jungle. After a day or two, you will be refreshed from the cold waters of the falls, warmed by their coastal beaches and entertained by the fascinating historical sites that existed for centuries.

A visit to Ilocos is truly rejuvenating. The location is several hours away from Manila so in order to travel in comfort, book a tour with one of van for hire companies. The tour package will provide you with an air-conditioned van that will take you from your hotel to your accommodations in Ilocos. You don’t need to place a down payment. The collections of the fee will be done in Ilocos. Provide them the details for your pick-up location, time and date.

The Tour Features the following:

  • A Visit to famous historical sites in Laoag and Vigan like old churches, museums and buildings

  • Pagudpud nature appreciation of beaches, rock formations, falls, sand dunes

  • A visit to famous places like the Patapat viaduct, windmills and lighthouse

  • Various fun activities: 4×4 jeep ride, swimming at Saud Beach or Blue Lagoon, 4x4 jeep ride or kalesa ride (optional)

  • Food tripping (okoy, empanada and pinakbet) and Souvenir-hunt.



Sites to Visit


Heritage Village. The village is an example of a best-preserved planned colonial Spanish Town found in Asia. It was placed in the World Heritage List in November 1999.

Vitalis Villa (Santorini-like). These exclusive dove white and blue accommodations can be found perched on top of mountain cliffs giving you a beautiful view of the sea and Santiago Cove. It offers the most fascinating landscapes and powder white sand beaches you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Calle Crisologo. Calle Crisologo used to be the mestizo district of Vigan and remains to be one of the most popular places frequented by tourists. It is a street filled with the ancient Spanish style houses reminiscent of the opulent Spanish era during the maritime trade of Manila and Acapulco.

Crisologo Museum. The Crisologo Museum was formerly a century-old mansion owned by the family of former Congressman Floro Crisologo. He died a tragic death and the mansion was converted to museum to commemorate his memory.

Baluarte ni Singson. This fortress is owned by one of the scions of Ilocos, the Singson family. It is a must-see location because it features a mini-zoo (which is his private collection of exotic animals), landscaped gardens with nature pools and grand views of South China Sea and entire Vigan.

Plaza Salcedo. Plaza Salcedo is the city square located in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is named after Juan De Salcedo, a Spanish conqueror, whose monument stands tall in the center of the square.


Bangui Windmills. The location is a wind farm that is just one of its kind in the Philippines. It provides the power supply of Bangui.

Saud Beach. The beach is popular for its fine white sand. The South Sea China waters are crystal blue and very clear. It is not crowded like Boracay and definitely cleaner.

Blue Lagoon. This impressive long stretch of beach boasts of clear blue waters and fine white sand. It is one of the best beaches in Ilocos.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formations. These fascinating rock formations can be found in the coast of Burgos. The limestone formations have a creamy white and odd shaped appearance sculpted by various weather and oceanic forces.

Patapat Viaduct. The viaduct is an elevated bridge that measures 31 meters above sea level. This concrete bridge connects the coast of Ilocos Region and Cagayan Valley.

Bantay Abot Cave. This amazing rock formation is found on the shores of Baloi town. It is actually a rocky hill that formed a hole with the ocean’s weather conditions. It is covered with green shrubbery that is relaxing to the eyes.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. The lighthouse sits on the Vigia de Nagparitan Hill located in the town of Burgos, Ilocos Norte since 1892. Once an elegant Spanish edifice, it is now a tourist attraction that is reported to be haunted.

Kabigan Falls. The impressive waterfall is 87 feet high and drops to a basin where you can swim in extremely cold water. It also gives you a spectacular view of the hills and rice fields.


St. Augustine Church. Also known as the Paoay Church, this is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines built way back in 1710. It is recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO and a Philippine National Cultural Treasure.

Malacaniang Ti-Amianan. More popularly known as the Malacaniang of the North, this is one of the mansions owned by the Marcos family. It is a resplendent mansion that showcases the family memorabilia, elegant furniture and the intricate gowns of the former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

Marcos Mausoleum. The museum is also known as the Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Presidential Center. It contains the largest collection of the former president’s memorabilia. It used to be the ancestral home of the Marcoses.

Sand Dunes 4×4 Jeep. Experience the excitement of riding a 4x4 jeep over the sand dunes of Ilocos. This location is the only desert in the Philippines.

Sinking Bell Tower. The Sinking Bell Tower is assumed to be built after the earthquake in 1707 and earned the reputation of being an “Earthquake Baroque” style. It has a 90-meter foundation and 45-meter height built by Ilocano artisans using leaves from the sablot plant and molasses.

Herencia Cafe (Pinakbet Pizza). Pinakbet is one of the popular local vegetarian dishes. The café, one of the oldest in the region, serves pizza creatively flavored with this dish.

Ilocos Norte Capitol Building. As the center of Ilocos politics, the building was built in 1917 under the governance of Governor Florencio Castro. It is one of the oldest structures that still stands and is being used today.


Round trip transfer in an air-conditioned van Quezon City (Manila city) - Ilocos - Quezon City (Manila city) )

Vigan, Pagudpud and Laoag 3 day tour

All toll fees, driver’s meals, gasoline and accommodation

All entrance fees and permits

Tour coordinator


Payment for accommodations

Fees for the Paoay sand dunes 4×4 jeep ride

Cottage at the Pagudpud beach

All your personal meals


Sample itinerary:


FIRST Day (Trip to Laoag and Vigan)

05:00am Expected Arrival in Vigan and Heritage Village for picture taking

05:30am Breakfast (own expense)

06:30am Arrival at Baluarte ni Singson, St. Augustine Church, Bell Tower and Crisologo Museum

Then proceed to Batac to see the:

Marcos Photo Gallery

Paoay Church

Marcos Mausoleum

Herencia Cafe (the Home of the Pinakbet Pizza)

Ride the 4 x4 jeep over the Sand Dunes

Malacanang of the North

12:00pm Lunch (own expense)

01:00pm Visit the Sinking Bell Tower and Capitol Building of Ilocos Norte

02:00pm Check-in time


06:00pm Dinner (own expense)



SECOND Day (Pagudpud Trip)

06:00am Wake-up and have breakfast.

08:00am Check out and begin the tour:

Bangui Windmills

Cafe Bojeadora Lighthouse

Quick Stop at Patapat Bridge

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

30-minute trekking to the Kabigan Falls and 30-minute stay

Blue Lagoon

Picture taking at Bantay Abot Cave

02:00pm Check-in


07:00pm Dinner (own expense)



THIRD Day (Vigan)

06:00am Time to wake up call and have Breakfast (Complimentary)

08:00am Time to Check out and depart for Vigan

09:00am Vitalis Villas for sightseeing

10:00am Hunting Pasalubong at the Heritage Village Calle Crisologo and Empanadahan

12:00nn Lunch (own expense)

01:00pm Departure from Vigan going to Quezon City (Manila city)

11:00pm Arrival in Quezon City (Manila city)


Check available tour options

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