Would you like to swim with whale sharks? Or would you rather just watch them from a distance? Either way it’s going to be an unforgettable experience once you visit barangay Tan-awan, Oslob in Cebu. The locals in the area will be happy to give you a boat ride that will take you up close to the whales so you can have an awesome experience seeing them in the flesh. You are allowed to swim and snorkel beside the whale sharks but it is forbidden to touch them.

Get ready with your camera once you sign up for a tour to go whale shark watching. Sign up with car rental company so you can plan the date, time and location of your pick-up or arrival. You can also rent a camera to take your underwater selfie. Once you are done interacting with the whales, the tour will take you to the exciting Tumalog Falls, one of the prettiest and tallest falls in Cebu.

The Tumalog falls, like other scenic falls in Cebu, is tucked away in the mountains. It will take you a considerable amount of time and numerous transfers before you can get to the falls. Traditionally, you will have to take the bus, the jeep, habal-habal before you reach the little trail where you have to walk on foot just to get to the base of the falls. But once you are there, all the effort is worth it with the beauty of the cascading water that you will behold.

Tumalong is an example of horsehair falls wherein the water appears to fall down in fine strands with constant contact with the sides of the mountain. Visually it appears like the fine hairs of a horse’s tail. It is a wonderful visual of nature that you will appreciate. The water falls into a knee-deep basin which is not suitable for swimming but enough to dip your toes in and get a cool massage from the waterfalls.

Some tips while you are travelling to these locations. Though they are in the same town, it takes at least a few hours before you can get to the provincial town of Oslob from Cebu City. If you are doing your trip Lonely Planet style, be prepared to bring a lot of cash to pay for the multiple transfers in your transportation. There is a bus in the city that leaves every hour going to Oslob. When you get to the town proper you have to take a habal-habal or a motorcycle for hire to the site of the waterfalls. The drivers have a way of knowing if you are a visitor in town so do not go beyond paying the usual fare of 50 pesos to get to the falls. The driver will drop you off at the end of a narrow road that leads to the falls. There is a 20 peso entrance fee to the falls.

Hiring a car rental with our tour package makes it easier for you to access and reach these exciting destinations. You won’t get tired from making numerous transfers from one vehicle to another. You will just enjoy a smooth ride in an air-conditioned van or sedan and go down directly in your selected destination. You won’t experience the heat, the trouble with haggling with habal-habal drivers for the right fare, or even get lost on your way. Our drivers are very familiar with the provincial roads and speak the vernacular language so you can be assured that you are in safe and professional hands.


The total duration time of the entire tour is a maximum of 12 hours.


The tour package includes:


    Whale watching (entrance fee is paid by the guest)

    Boat ride

    Life vest and snorkeling equipment

    Swimming or snorkeling beside the whale

    Tumalog Falls entrance (fee to be paid by the guest)

    Fully air-conditioned Van or Car Service


No Exclusions


Day tour Itinerary: Whale Shark watching at Oslob with the Tumalog Falls day trip


Suggested time for pick up from Lapu-Lapu City or Cebu City around04:00AM to 17:30AM

5:00 AM – Pick up and time of departure from the Hotel or accommodation.

8:00 AM – You arrive at Oslob where you can have breakfast at your own expense.

9:00 AM – You enjoy 1 and a half hours of Whale Shark or Butanding Watching. You can swim or snorkel beside the Whale Sharks.

10:30 AM – Swimming and sightseeing at Tumalog Falls

12:00 NN – Eat lunch at your preferred dining location (the cost will be from guest’s own pocket)

1:30 PM – Time to depart from Oslob town

4:30 PM – You arrive in Cebu City

Check available tour options

Vehicle Options

Toyota Hiace Van

  • 14
  • 2

Door to door car service Brand new Toyota HiAce Honest driver

Cebu City, Cebu


White Toyota Hi Ace Commuter Van

  • 16
  • 16

2015 model, 16 passenger capacity (can be maximized to 18 passengers). Class A Leathertte Seat Covers

Mandaue City, Cebu


Toyota GL Grandia Van

Fuel or Tour location: Diesel Class or Tours: Van Gearbox: Manual

Cebu City, Cebu


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