Select Required Service in Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Top Vehicles in Tagbilaran City, Bohol with Hourly rates:

Hourly (City Tour): ₱2,000.00

Airport Transfer: ₱500.00

Daily: ₱2,000.00

No Hidden Fees, Service Charge Included

On the day of the trip, you will just wait for the service at your preferred pick up point. You have already paid for the rent along with the driver’s fee in advance. You might have also not been to Bohol before. You can go for a smaller car if you are traveling alone or with another person. These are series of hills that are dark brown in color, hence the name. This is true if you have rented a private car its either with a group of friends or with a relatives the Toyota Hiace Van can take you wherever destinations you may go especially with a driver.  This is perfect considering that using local transportation in Bohol could be a challenge. Even if you do, it could still be tricky finding the right transportation to bring you to your destination.