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  • Maximum number of passengers 4

Vehicle Features

A good sports utility vehicle would be a good choice if ever you wish to visit Cebu. It can accommodate a good number of passengers and has powerful performance on the road. The Honda CR-V is one of the rented sports utility vehicles available in Cebu Easy Rent-a-Car. The Honda CR-V is powered by a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine that can boost to 166 hp and 161 Nm of torque. This provides the powerful performance of the Honda CR-V. The engine comes with five speed automatic transmissions. It can even have either a front wheel drive or an AWD system that only allocates power to the rear wheels if there is a front slippage.

The Honda CR-V can run zero to 60 mph in ten seconds. The EPA fuel economy is estimated at average for a four cylinder compact sports utility vehicle at 20 mpg city, 27 mpg highway and 23 mpg combined. A defining characteristic of the Honda CR-v is it agility in comparison with other compact sports utility vehicles. This is because of the firm suspension and sharp steering for an excellent road feel. The Honda CR-V also has good brake system that can be trusted. The excellent carrying capacity and performance which are the things to look for your trip’s ride can be delivered by the Honda CR-V. The features of this vehicle can make your trip in Cebu an awesome experience.

Cities Served

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