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  • Maximum number of passengers 13

Vehicle Features

The Van Standard: Toyota Hiace Commuter. For people who value space and performance while going into trips in Cebu, it is just necessary to have a van as a vehicle for the tour. The van can seat a large number of passengers with ease but still work hard on the road. It can comfortably fit a large family without sacrificing comfort for those long trips.

It may not look sleek and sophisticated like a sports utility vehicle or a truck but it is what inside that matters. There is endless fun with a large group inside a van. You can swap stories, do a little activity and even stretch your legs to get a good rest while waiting to arrive in your destination. You can choose the passenger capacity and model of the van you like in Cebu Easy. One of the most usual picks is the Toyota Hiace Commuter van. It is one of Toyota’s most successful car models and holds a high reputation worldwide. With over a million vans sold worldwide, they are a testament to their fine standard of making cars. It is the best choice as a light delivery vehicle and of course as transport for a small crowd or people. On the road, the Toyota Hiace Commuter has a quiet ride over supple suspension. The seating is very comfortable. It even offers good handling on the road. The Toyota Hiace Commuter is a true market leader and you can place your trust on it safely.

Cities Served

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Airport Transfer: ₱2000.00

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No Hidden Fees, Service Charge Included

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2010 Toyota Commuter

  • 15
  • 6

BODY: 2.5L Diesel engine Manual Transmission Full size van 4 Doors LOAD: Capacity of up to 15 passengers (Driver not included) Baggage load of approximately 6 full size bags

Iloilo City, Iloilo

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Why would you choose a Honda City 1.3? The Honda City is one of those base cars yet equipped with accessories and kits that previously could only be found on expensive cars. The Honda City 1.3 has antilock brake system with EBD and even an innovative audio system that can read MP3 files which has a USB port and auxiliary jack. It is the most ideal car for people living in the city because its size allows delicate maneuverability especially on tight roads yet can easily carry at most 5 passengers in comfort. Present compact cars such as the Honda city can deliver good road experience for drivers and have a sleek and modern design to come with it. The Honda City’s performance on the road is slight above average but is pumped up by its features. It is also a good choice when going through traffic because it’s easy maneuverability helps its zigzag its way through the traffic quite fast. Though it is not the ideal cross country runner because of its limited speed and small engine, the Honda city still boasts its capability on city roads because of its economical fuel consumption and very easy driving demands.Cebu Easy offers Honda City for those who wish to have a city tour or a personal vehicle on the city. It is very ideal to those that come with friends or a personal car to use when checking out city sites in Cebu.

Mandaue City, Cebu

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